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Morfix.co.il Dictionary  view

guardian  noun      שׁוֹמֵר, מֵגֵן; אַפּוֹטְרוֹפּוֹס

guardian  adjective      ששומר, שמגן

doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation

guardian  noun      shomer, megen; apot'ropos

guardian  adjective      shshvmr, shmgn

LingvoZone Dictionary  view
noun    אַפּוֹטרוֹפּוֹסאְפִּיטרוֹפּוּספַּטרוֹןצוֹפֶה
doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation
noun    apotropos'piytropuspatrontzofeh
Milon.co.il Dictionary  view


(ש"ע) שומר; מגן; משגיח; אפוטרופוס

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Guardian can refer to:
  • Guardian, a title given to a guard or protector
  • Legal guardian, a person responsible for a ward
  • Guardian (weapon), a double action only pistol
  • Guardian (comics), a Marvel Comics superhero and a Golden Age DC Comics hero
  • Guardian, one of the four temperaments according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter
  • The Guardian, the appointed leader of the Bahá'í Faith from 1921 to 1957, title given to Shoghi Effendi
  • Guardian, a custom operating system that was key to Tandem Computers systems' failover modes
  • An alternative name for the Philosopher king in Plato's Republic
  • A short form of the name Guardian of Forever, an alien object in the Star Trek universe
  • In the Final Fantasy X universe, a guardian is one who protects a summoner on their quest to defeat Sin.

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