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pleasant  adjective      נָעִים

doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation

pleasant  adjective      naiym

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be pleasant, pleasant: be ~na"am
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adjective    נָאֶהנָעִיםנֶחְמָדמְהַנֶהעָרֵבחָבִיבמָתוֹק
doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation
adjective    naehnaiymnech'madm'haneharevchaviyvmatok
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(ת') נעים; נוח

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Pleasure is commonly conceptualized as somehow opposed to pain or suffering, though it has received much less scientific attentionoun Arthur Schopenhauer, 19th Century German philosopher, understood pleasure as a negative sensation, as it negates the usual existential condition, that of suffering. Pleasure can be brought about in different ways, depending on how every individual senses the feeling of pleasure. Some feel this phenomenon through music, sexuality, drugs, writing, accomplishment, recognition, service, and any other imaginable activity; even painoun It also refers to "enjoyment" related to certain physical, sensual, emotional or mental experience.

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עונג בעברית, הוא תחושת הנאה חזקה. פעולות הנחשבות לתענוגות, הן: אכילהשתייהשינה, רחצה, וקיום יחסי מין. רדיפה רבה אחרי העונג נחשבת לתאווה.

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