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a Fun and Easy Way to Learn Hebrew!

Have you always wanted to learn Hebrew but never had the time or money to learn with a private tutor? If so, The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Hebrew is for you! You’ll be speakin’ Hebrew from the very first page!

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What's Inside?

I teach you Hebrew the way it’s actually spoken without the textbook mumbo jumbo. You’ll be speakin’ from the very first page.

The book starts with the most common everyday expressions. The most important part of learning a new language is your confidence. By learning these expressions you’ll feel like a real Hebrew Speaker.

The book has various subsections to teach the necessary vocab to make you a more versatile speaker. You’ll learn words you need to know for shopping meeting new friends and even words to help you while riding the bus!

This section of the book has sample everyday conversations so you that way you’ll know what to say and how to hear the standard response... Sababa (cool)!

The book is complete with slang, jokes, riddles, proverbs, and Israeli songs. You’ll love learning these common Israeli jokes. And of course we teach you the Israeli birthday song!


"The inner format of this book is amazingly clear. Each Hebrew word or phrase (written in Hebrew alef-bet with punctuation) is transliterated and translated using the English alphabet. I really enjoyed the order that the book is written in. It starts off with the basics - "yes, no, please and thank you" and then continues on with the most common words/phrases in topics until the reader has enough of a vocabulary to understand paragraphs.

This book is great for all ages. It was really done well enough that almost anyone can pick it up and gain Hebrew knowledge. You’ll love it ;) "

Josef Vitstein


"Thanks Moshe, I love your Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Hebrew! I was in Hebrew school for many years but was never really able to speak more than a few words. Your book gave me the confidence to jump in and speak Hebrew.

I also really enjoyed the mp3 audio lessons I found them entertaining and very easy to follow!

Keep it up and -Shalom ;)"

Yehuda W.

About the Author


Moshe Sherizen is a native of Detroit, Michigan who learned his first Hebrew words from his parents who'd speak Hebrew when they didn't want the kids to understand.

He's been living in Israel for the past 12 years where he's been studying and teaching Semitic languages. Moshe started the "Easy-Shmeezy Series" two years ago with his bestselling book "the Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish". Moshe's teaching philosophy is that anyone can learn a second language, you just have to jump in, learn some common words and have the mindset that "I speak Hebrew". After learning some everyday expressions you'll feel confident to expand your vocab and start chattin' with the natives.