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Aaron  noun      (aharon) אַהֲרֹן 

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(ש"ע) אהרון, שם פרטי; שם משפחה; אחיו הבכור של משה (תנ"ך)

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AARON is a software program written by artist Harold Cohen that creates original artistic images.

Proceeding from Cohen's initial question "What are the minimum conditions under which a set of marks functions as an image?", AARON has been in continual development since 1973. The name "AARON" does not seem to be an acronym, rather it was a name chosen to start with the letter "A" so that the names of successive programs could follow it alphabetically.

AaRON (Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland) is a French musical duet, playing electronic pop. Their first tour of Europe was carried out in 2007 between March 14th and November 28th, including dates in (SpainSwitzerlandBelgiumAustriaLuxembourg). Several (16) gigs were sold out.

This article is about Aaron in the Hebrew Bible. For other uses of the word Aaron, see Aaron (disambiguation).

Aaron , or Aaron the Levite (flourished about 1200 BCE), was, according to biblical accounts, one of two brothers who play a unique part in the history of the Hebrew people. He was the elder son (and second child) of Amram and Jochebed of the tribe of Levi Moses, the other son, was three years younger, and Miriam, their sister, was several years older. Aaron was the great-grandson of Levi and represented the priestly functions of his tribe, becoming the first High Priest of the Hebrews. While Moses was receiving his education at the Egyptian court and during his exile among the Midianites, Aaron and his sister remained with their kinsmen in the eastern border-land of Egypt. Here he gained a name for eloquent and persuasive speech; so that when the time came for the demand upon the Pharaoh to release Israel from captivity, Aaron became his brother’s nabi , or spokesman, to his own people and, after their unwillingness to hear, to the Pharaoh himself.

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אהרן, ראשון הכהנים ואחיהם הבכור של משה רבנו ומרים. לפי המסורת, כל הכהנים הם צאצאיו. משום שמשה היה כבד-פה, שימש אהרן כדוברו של משה בפני פרעה במצרים. היה הכהן הגדול של עם ישראל, בהיותם במדבר חז"ל מסבירים כי זכה לייסד את שושלת הכהנים, משום שכאשר ראה שמשה, אחיו הצעיר, מונה להיות הנושא והנותן עם פרעה לא קינא בו. חז"ל לומדים זאת מן הפסוק "וראך ושמח בליבו" שאומר האל למשה לפני פגישת האחים.

ביום חנוכת המשכן, בו נכנס לשמש בכהונה, שני בניו הגדולים של אהרן, נדב ואביהוא, מתו. נדב ואחיו אביהוא נכנסו להקטיר "אש זרה", ונשרפו חיים. את מקומם ירשו שני האחים הצעירים, אלעזר ואיתמר.

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