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(ש"ע) אביסיני, חבשי, יליד או תושב אביסיניה (אתיופיה); חבר בכנסייה האביסינית (כנסייה אתיופית); חתול אביסיני, חתול בעל אוזניים גדולות ופרווה קצרה בצבע חום עם נקודות אפורות

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The Abyssinians
This article is about the Jamaican musical group. For the cat breed, see Abyssinian (cat). For other uses, see Abyssinian.
The Abyssinians are a Jamaican roots reggae group, famous for their close harmonies and promotion of the Rastafari movement in their lyrics.

The vocal trio was originally formed in 1969 by Bernard Collins, Donald Manning and Linford Manning.

Their most famous songs are "Satta Massagana" and "Y Mas Gan", both of which are delivered partially in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. This language is sacred to Rastafarians as they believe the last Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, to be an avatar of God.

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