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Actaeon  noun      (מיתולוגיה יוונית) אקטאון, צייד אשר הפך לצבי לאחר שנתקל במקרה בארטמיס, אלת הציד, בעת שהתרחצה

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For the Charpentier opera please see Actéon. For the mythological story of Actaeon, son of Melissus, see Archias.
In Greek mythology, Actaeon (Greek: Aktaion), son of the priestly herdsman Aristaeus and Autonoe in Boeotia, was a famous Theban hero, trained by the centaur Cheiron, who suffered the fatal wrath of Artemis (later her Roman counterpart Diana). The surviving details of his transgression vary: "the only certainty is in what Aktaion suffered, his πάθος, and what Artemis did: the hunter became the hunted; he was transformed into a stag, and his raging hounds, struck with a 'wolf's frenzy' (λύσσα), tore him apart as they would a stag." This is the iconic motif by which Actaeon is recognized, both in ancient art and in Renaissance and post-Renaissance depictions.

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