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Adkins is a surname, and may refer to:
  • Brad Adkins (born 1973), American artist
  • Damien Adkins (born 1981), Australian footballer
  • Dan Adkins (born 1937), American illustrator
  • Derrick Adkins (born 1970), American sprinter
  • Doc Adkins (1872 - 1934) American pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Hasil Adkins (1937 - 2005), American musician
  • Homer Burton Adkins (1892 - 1949), American chemist
  • Homer Martin Adkins (1890– 1964), Governor of Arkansas
  • Jim Adkins (born 1975), American singer and guitarist
  • Jon Adkins (born 1977), American baseball player
  • Margene Adkins (born 1947), American football player
  • Trace Adkins (born 1962), American country singer-songwriter
  • Nigel Adkins (1965), English footballer

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