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able  adjective      (m'sugal) מְסֻגָּל , (kashiyr) כָּשִׁיר , (mukh'shar) מֻכְשָׁר 

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can verb, may verb, be able to, able: be ~ toyakol (l-)
can verb, be able, mayyakhol
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(ת') יכול, מסוגל; מוכשר

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Abel may refer to:
  • In the Bible, Abel is one of two children of Adam and Eve
  • being healthy or possessing any ability

In fiction:

  • Able Crown, a fictional character from DC Comics
  • Doctor Able Cuvier, a fictional character from Batman Beyond

In technology:

  • ABLE (nuclear weapon), a nuclear weapon test series conducted by the United States in the summer of 1946
  • ABLE (programming language), a simplified programming language
  • Able space probes, probes in the Pioneer program

-able and -ible
-able and -ible are two common suffixes in English. As they are pronounced the same way, they are often confused in spelling. This leads to many spelling mistakes.

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