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about  preposition      (odot) (odot) (o) אוֹ דוֹת  , (al) (al) (al) עַל    (odot) (odot) (o) אוֹ דוֹת  , (al) (al) (al) עַל   , (l'gabey) לְגַבֵּי , (b'nogea) בְּנוֹגֵעַ , (bid'var) בִּדְבַר ; (b'tokh') בְּתוֹךְ , בקרבת; (b'erekh') (b'erekh') בְּעֵרֶךְ  , (karov) קָרוֹב , (samukh') סָמוּךְ , (kim'at) (kim'at) כִּמְעַט  ; (lif'ney) לִפְנֵי ; (laachorey) לַאֲחוֹרֵי 

about  adverb      בסביבה, (misaviyv) מִסָּבִיב ; (kim'at) (kim'at) כִּמְעַט  , (pachot) פָּחוֹת  (o) אוֹ  (yoter) יוֹתֵר , (b'erekh') (b'erekh') בְּעֵרֶךְ  ; (l'khan) לְכָאן  וּ(l'khan) לְכָאן , (eylakh') אֵילָךְ  וְ(eylakh') אֵילָךְ , (poh) פֹּה  (vasham) וָשָׁם ; (al) (al) (al) עַל    סַף (משהו); בתנועה

about  adjective      פָּעִיל, חֲסַר מְנוּחָה; קַיָּם

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amad (l-) be about to, about: be ~ to anaanswer verb, reply verb
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adverb    (misaviyv) מִסָבִיב (s'viyv) סְבִיב (karov) קָרוֹב  (l') לְ -(b'erekh) בְּעֵרֶך (kimat) כִּמעַט 
preposition    (k') כְּ -(al) (al) עַל   (d'var) דְבָר (mikhoach) מִכוֹחַ  ((baz'khut) בָּזְכוּת )(al) (al) עַל  (bid'var) בִּדְבַר (odot) אוֹדוֹת (al) (al) עַל   (odot) אוֹדוֹת בְּנוֹגֵעַ (l') לְ -
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(מ"י) על, אודות; ליד
(תה"פ) מסביב; בערך; בסביבה

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
abOUT is a Toronto-based monthly magazine, serving the  gaylesbianbisexual and transgender communities of Southern OntarioWestern New York and Montreal.

A regional magazine, abOUT was founded in Buffalo, New York, in late 2003 by four partners, including veteran Canadian journalist Duane Booth. The first edition of the magazine was released on January 19, 2004. In 2006, Booth became majority shareholder when he acquired the shares of two of the business partners, and the magazine's operations were fully moved to Toronto at the same time.

About can refer to:
  • About box, a dialog box displaying credits for a piece of computer software
  • About.com, a website offering consumer-related advice
  • abOUT, an LGBT magazine
  • About (musical artist), a music project
  • , an internal URI scheme written about:

  • Edmond François Valentin About, a French novelist
  • Nicolas About, a French politician

About: URI scheme
about: is an internal URI scheme (also known as a "URL scheme" or, erroneously, "protocol") in various web browsers to display certain built-in functions and Easter eggs. It is not an officially registered scheme, and has no standard syntax.

In early versions of Netscape, any address beginning about: which wasn't recognised as a built-in command would simply result in the text after the colon being displayed. Similarly, in early versions of Internet Explorer, about: followed by a string of HTML (e.g. about:<em>hello world</em>) would render that string as though it was the source of the page - thus providing a similar (though more limited) facility to the defined by RFC 2397. Still other versions of Netscape would return various phrases in response to an unknown about: address, including "Whatchew talkin' 'bout, Willis?" (a catch phrase from the TV show Diff'rent Strokes) or "Homey don't play dat!" (from a recurring skit on the TV show In Living Color).

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