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abrogate  verb      (bitel) בִּטֵּל , (chisel) חִסֵּל 

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(verb) לבטל; לחסל

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Abrogation doctrine
The Abrogation doctrine is a constitutional law doctrine expounding when and how Congress may waive a state's Sovereign immunity and subject it to lawsuits that to which the state has not consented (i.e., to "abrogate" their immunity to such suits).

Most of the powers delegated to Congress spring from Article One of the U.S. Constitution, and these powers cannot be used to abrogate state sovereign immunity. See Seminole Tribe verb Florida. However, the Congress can authorize lawsuits seeking monetary damages against individual U.S. states when it acts pursuant to powers delegated to it by amendments subsequent to the Eleventh Amendment. This is most frequently done pursuant to §5 of the Fourteenth Amendment, which explicitly allows Congress to enforce its guarantees on the states and thus overrides states' Eleventh Amendment sovereign immunity.

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