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accent  noun      (ak'tzen't) אַקְצֶנְט , (miv'ta) מִבְטָא , (hat'amah) הַטְעָמָה , (han'ganah) הַנְגָּנָה 

accent  verb      (hit'iym) הִטְעִים , (hid'giysh) הִדְגִּישׁ , (hiv'liyt) הִבְלִיט 

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(verb) להבליט; להדגיש; להטעים
(ש"ע) מבטא; הטעמה; הדגשה

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Accent may refer to:
  • Accent (linguistics), pronunciation common to a certain group of people
  • Accent (cooking), an additional flavor added to a base sauce
    • Accent is also used as a synonym for monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Accent (fragrance), an additional fragrance added to a base perfume
  • Accent (interior design), an additional furniture piece added to draw the eye.
  • Stress (phonology) on a certain syllable
  • Diacritic, especially one of the so-called accents:
    • Acute accent (e.g. á)
    • Grave accent (e.g. à)
    • Circumflex accent (e.g. â)
  • Accent (poetry) of a word.
  • Accent (music), an emphasis placed on a particular note
  • Accent programming language for computers.
  • Accent kernel, an operating system kernel
  • Hyundai Accent, car produced by Hyundai Motor Company
  • Accent Acoustics & Soundproofing is the name of an Oregon sound company.
  • Accent Records, a record label.
  • Accent Controls Pvt Ltd, , Accent has been India's No.1 manufacturer of Proximity Switches.
  • ACCENT Speakers Bureau, Brings Prominent Speakers to the University of Florida.
  • Accent Blinds is a company in Australia, Dealing in Internal plantation shutters, cedar, natural timber, painted finishes

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