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accent  noun      (ak'tzen't) אַקְצֶנְט , (miv'ta) מִבְטָא , (hat'amah) הַטְעָמָה , (han'ganah) הַנְגָּנָה 

accent  verb      (hit'iym) הִטְעִים , (hid'giysh) הִדְגִּישׁ , (hiv'liyt) הִבְלִיט 

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(verb) להבליט; להדגיש; להטעים
(ש"ע) מבטא; הטעמה; הדגשה

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Accent may refer to:
  • Accent (linguistics), pronunciation common to a certain group of people
  • Accent (cooking), an additional flavor added to a base sauce
    • Accent is also used as a synonym for monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Accent (fragrance), an additional fragrance added to a base perfume
  • Accent (interior design), an additional furniture piece added to draw the eye.
  • Stress (phonology) on a certain syllable
  • Diacritic, especially one of the so-called accents:
    • Acute accent (e.g. á)
    • Grave accent (e.g. à)
    • Circumflex accent (e.g. â)
  • Accent (poetry) of a word.
  • Accent (music), an emphasis placed on a particular note
  • Accent programming language for computers.
  • Accent kernel, an operating system kernel
  • Hyundai Accent, car produced by Hyundai Motor Company
  • Accent Acoustics & Soundproofing is the name of an Oregon sound company.
  • Accent Records, a record label.
  • Accent Controls Pvt Ltd, , Accent has been India's No.1 manufacturer of Proximity Switches.
  • ACCENT Speakers Bureau, Brings Prominent Speakers to the University of Florida.
  • Accent Blinds is a company in Australia, Dealing in Internal plantation shutters, cedar, natural timber, painted finishes

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הטעמה היא הדגשה של אחת ההברות במילה באמצעות שינוי בתדירות הקול או בעוצמתו בעת הגיית ההברה, או באמצעות הארכה קלה של הברה זו. הטעמה ניכרת במילים שבהן יש שתי הברות או יותר.

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