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Ace  noun     (aluf) אַלּוּף , (mum'cheh) מֻמְחֶה , (ashׁaf) אַשָּׁף ; קלף ניצחון, (as) אָס ; ((teniys) (teniys) טֶנִיס  ) חבטת פתיחה טובה; טייס קרב שהפיל מספר מטוסי אויב

ace  verb      ((teniys) (teniys) טֶנִיס  ) זכה בנקודות בעקבות החבטה; ((s'len'g) סְלֶנְג ) (hitz'liyach) הִצְלִיחַ , (halakh') הָלַךְ  (lo) לוֹ  (k'laf) קְלָף  ((m'shuga) מְשֻׁגָּע )

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noun    (mumcheh) מוּמחֶה (aluf) אַלוּף  ((bik'lafiym) בִּ(k'lafiym) קְלָפִים  )(es) אֵס  ((k'lafiym) קְלָפִים )
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(verb) לחבוט ללא מענה; להיות אלוף, לככב
(ש"ע) מומחה; אלוף; אס (בקלפים); חבטת-פתיחה ללא מענה (בטניס)

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ACE may refer to:

  • ACE (editor), a multi-platform collaborative editor
  • ACE (file format), a data compression and archiving format
  • TAO (software) (The ACE ORB), a free CORBA implementation
  • Adaptive Communication Environment, an open-source cross-platform framework of object oriented classes to help the development of communication software
  • Agent-Based Computational Economics, the computational study of economic processes modeled as dynamic systems of interacting agents.
  • Advanced Computing Environment, a defunct computer initiative to define a "new PC" based on MIPS CPUs instead of Intel x86
  • Automatic Computing Engine, a 1952 British computer
  • ASCII Compatible Encoding, in the context of internationalized domain name
  • ACE (software), virtualisation software from VMware
  • ACE Workbench Foundation, a web portal framework in use at UBS AG

This article is about the playing card. For alternate uses of the word see Ace (disambiguation). For abbreviations with the same spelling, see ACE.
The word "ace" comes from the Old French word 'as' (from Latin 'as') meaning 'a unit', from the name of a small Roman coinoun It originally meant the side of a die with only one mark, before it was a term for a playing card. Since this was the lowest roll of the die, it traditionally meant 'bad luck' in Middle English, but as the ace is often the highest playing card, its meaning has changed to mean 'high-quality, excellence'.

ACE (file format)
In computing, ACE is a proprietary data compression archive file format developed by Marcel Lemke, and later bought by e-merge GmbH. ACE offers superior compression compared to the ZIP file format, at the cost of a lower compression speed.

The file extension is .ace. The MIME-Type is application/x-ace-compressed.

WinAce, maintained by e-merge GmbH, is used to decompress and manipulate ACE files under Microsoft Windows. When installed, it lets the user choose between paying for a registration or installing WhenU spyware. Older versions of an extract-only program called "UNACE" were free and licensed under an open source license, but they cannot extract ACE archives from version 2.0 and newer. Besides that, there are some freeware or nagware archivers which can read the format using the official "free" UNACE-DLL, though none are free software as defined by FSF.

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האם התכוונתם ל...
  • ACE (אנזים) - אנזים Angiotensin-converting enzyme המשפיע על לחץ הדם
  • הגשה ללא מענה (טניס)
  • ACE (פורמט) - פורמט לדחיסת קבצים
  • אלוף הפלות - כינוי לטייס קרב שהפיל לפחות חמישה מטוסים
  • אייס קנה ובנה - רשת שיווק למוצרי עשה זאת בעצמך

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אס (קלף)

האס הינו קלף בחפיסת קלפי משחק. בכל חפיסה ישנם ארבעה אסים, ומספרם הוא לפעמים אחד ולפעמים 14 (תלוי במשחק). סמלו של האס הוא האות האנגלית איי (adjective).

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