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acme  noun      (siy) שִׂיא ; (k'liyl) כְּלִיל  (hashׁ'lemut) הַשְּׁלֵמוּת 

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(ש"ע) שיא, כליל השלימות

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Acme (, the peak, zenith, prime) denotes the best of something.

In contemporary culture and society it is used in diverse contexts:

  • Acme Corporation is a fictional company that exists in the world of Looney Tunes cartoons. Subsequently it has been adopted widely in all forms of fiction as the archetypal name for a fictional company or corporationoun (Sometimes made a backronym to: adjective Company that Makes Everything - though this is in dispute.)
  • ACME Detective Agency, also called ACME CrimeNet or ACME TimeNet, is a fictional detective agency from the Carmen Sandiego series of computer games and television shows. The agency is dedicated to capturing Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen, and players take on the role of an ACME detective to try and track them downoun
  • Acme thread form is a screw thread used in specialized applications such as vises and leadscrews.
  • Acme (ADL) is an architecture description language by Carnegie Mellon University.
  • ACME (album) is the sixth album by New York City blues/indie rock group the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
  • Acme (band) is a German metalcore band.
  • Acme (text editor) is a text editor and development environment originally for the Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system.
  • ACME (health software) automated determination of cause of death, used by several governments for the generation of national mortality statistics.
  • Acne vulgaris is a skin condition originally called acme in Greek, but whose spelling has been corrupted.

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