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across  adverb      (meever) מֵעֵבֶר . לעבר.; מצד לצד; לרוחב (משהו); בצד השני

across  preposition      (al) עַל  פְּנֵי; לרוחב; (meever) מֵעֵבֶר ; דֶּרֶךְ

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adverb    (b'ever) בְּעֵבֶר  (hasheniy) הַשֵׁנִי (l'rochav) (l') לְ רוֹחָב (mimul) מִמוּל 
preposition    (miever) מִעֶבֶר  (l') לְ -
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(מ"י) על-פני; מעבר ל-; לרוחב
(תה"פ) מצד לצד; מעבר ל-, לעבר-; לרוחב-; בעבר השני; לעבר השני

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Across may refer to:
  • Across variable
  • Across the Universe, Beatles song
  • Across a Crowded Room
  • Across 110th Street, 1972 film
  • ACROSS, a fictional secret organization which is the subject of the manga and anime series Excel Saga

Excel Saga
is a comedy manga series by Koushi Rikudou, and a TV anime series directed by Shinichi Watanabe. Both the anime and the manga are absurdist comedies following the attempts of Across, a "secret ideological organization", to conquer the city of Fukuoka as a first step towards world dominationoun Excel, the title character, is a key member of Across and ranks below only the organization's enigmatic leader, Ilpalazzo. In both the manga and anime, the city is defended by a shadowy government agency led by Dr. Kabapu, whose subordinates engage Excel and her junior officer, Hyatt, on several occasions.

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