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active  adjective      (ak'tiyviy) אַקְטִיבִי , (paiyl) פָּעִיל , (p'al'taniy) פְּעַלְתָּנִי 

active  noun      ((dik'duk) דִּקְדּוּק ) פעיל, צורת הפועל המציינת עשיית פעולה ע"י הנושא

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adjective    (paiyl) פָּעִיל (p'altaniy) פְּעַלתָנִי (charutz) חָרוּץ (chay) חַי (ak'tiyviy) אַקְטִיבִי 
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(ת') פעיל, נמרץ; מביא רווח, אקטיבי
(ש"ע) פעיל (בדקדוק)

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
ACTIVE - sobriety, friendship and peace (formerly EGTYF, European Good Templar Youth Federation) is a non-governmental umbrella organisation gathering European youth temperance organisations. ACTIVE is member of the Youth Forum Jeunesse and cooperates with IOGT International.

The main aim of Active is peace and tolerance in the world. Active considers alcohol and other drugs one of the main reasons for violence and conflicts in today's world and therefore members of Active promote a drug-free lifestyle by their own abstinence - to prove that having fun, making friends and being free is possible without getting addicted and without any risk of hurting somebody or being hurt.

Active may mean:
  • Active lifestyle
  • Active volcano
  • Sky Active, Sky's Interactive Service
  • Active grammatical voice
  • Active component, in electronics
  • The active partner in a sexual activity
  • An "active" in a fraternity or sorority
  • ACTIVE - Active - sobriety, friendship and peace; A European temperance youth organization
  • Active Records, a record label
  • Active Enterprises, a defunct video game developer

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