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adequate  adjective      (holem) הוֹלֵם ; (mas'piyk) מַסְפִּיק , (adek'vatiy) אָדֶקְוָטִי 

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adjective    (holem) הוֹלֵם (naot) נָאוֹת (mas'piyk) מַסְפִּיק (day) דַי 
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(ת') הולם; מספיק

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Adaptation (disambiguation)
Adaptation may refer to
  • Adaptation, an anatomical structure, physiological process or behavioral trait that has evolved.
  • Neural adaptation, the ability of neural systems to change their response behaviour depending on the recent stimulus history.
    • Adaptation (eye), ability of the eye to adjust to various levels of darkness and light.
  • Adapted process, a type of stochastic process.
  • Adapting to change (e.g adaptation to global warming), contrast with mitigation.
In the arts
  • Film adaptation, whose theme, story, or structure is based on another (usually literary) work.
  • Literary adaptation, wherein the central elements of a film or other visual medium are adapted into a novel, novella, or comic book.
  • Theatrical adaptation, wherein the central elements of a story, either from another play or from another medium, are adapted for the stage.
  • Adaptationoun, 2002 film starring Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep, directed by Spike Jonze

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