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ado  noun      (m'humah) מְהוּמָה 

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ADO (ActiveX Data Object)
(מחשבים) ממשק של מיקרוסופט המאפשר גישה מהירה לסוגים שונים של מסדי נתונים
(ש"ע) מהומה; התרגשות

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Ado or ADO may refer to:
  • ActiveX Data Objects, a Microsoft API
  • Ado (archbishop) (d. 874)
  • Ado (Akan ruler) (fl. 1550)
  • Autobuses de Oriente, a passenger bus service in Mexico
  • ADO Ampex Digital Optics (a formerly renowned digital video effects system by Ampex)
  • Ado (monk), a monk of Goguryeo
  • ADO Den Haag, a football club
  • Ado's Theorem
  • Australian Defence Organisation
  • Andamooka Airport, from its IATA code
  • Hokkaido International Airlines, from its ICAO code
  • Eduardo Roberto Stinghen, a Brazilian footballer
  • Ado-Ekiti, a city in Ekiti StateNigeria
  • Ado Annie, a character who appears in the 1943 musical Oklahoma!, the 1955 film Oklahoma, and the 1979 film Oklahoma 
  • Ado', an Estonian given name
  • Short form of the name Adnan
  • Assyrian Democratic Organization

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