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advantage  noun      (yit'ron) יִתְרוֹן ; (revach) רֶוַח , (toelet) (toelet) תּוֹעֶלֶת  

advantage  verb      (hoiyl) הוֹעִיל , (heviy) הֵבִיא  (toelet) (toelet) תּוֹעֶלֶת  

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(verb) להועיל, לעזור ל-; לקדם; להיות מועיל ל-; לתת יתרון ל-
(ש"ע) יתרון; רווח; תועלת

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Advantage may refer to:
  • A beneficial factor or combination of factors.
  • In tennis, advantage is when one player wins a point from a deuce and needs one more point to win the game. (See Tennis terminology#A)
  • In association football (soccer), advantage is a clause that states that the referee should allow play to continue when the team against which an offence has been committed will benefit from having play continue. (See Football (soccer) - Advantage)
  • breakfast cereal. (See List of breakfast cereals)
  • The NES Advantage: an arcade modeled joystick for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • The Advantage, an indie rock band covering old Nintendo music
  • The Gillig Advantage, a name given to Gillig's low-floor transit bus.
  • In veterinary medicine, Advantage is a brand name for imidacloprid, a flea-poison for pets.
  • Advantage Rent A Car - car rental
  • Advantage Database Server, a database product from Sybase iAnywhere Solutions

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