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advisor  noun     (yoetz) יוֹעֵץ , מנחה אקדמי

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(ש"ע) יועץ

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Advisor or adviser may refer to:

  • Commodity trading advisor, any person who engages in the business of advising others
  • Financial advisor, also known as a financial planner, a practicing professional who helps people to deal with various personal financial issues through proper planning
    • In the UK, this person is known as a financial adviser
    • Fee-Only financial advisor, a financial advisor compensated only by their clients and accept no commissions or compensation from other sources
  • Financial Management Advisor, a professional designation of the Canadian Securities Institute
  • Investment advisor, an individual or firm that advises clients on investment matters
  • Registered Investment Advisor, an individual who has registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or state regulatory agency in connection with the management of the investments of others
  • Tax advisor, an expert in tax law

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