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advocate  verb      (sin'ger) סִנְגֵּר , (hegen) הֵגֵן ; (dagal) דָּגַל , (tamakh') תָּמַךְ 

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(verb) לתמוך ב-; לדגול ב-;

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Advocacy is the act of arguing on behalf of a particular issue, idea or personoun Individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments (for example at the level of the United Nations) can engage in advocacy. An example of advocating for a particular issue is attempting to persuade others of the importance of implementing UN Security Council 1325, on gender and peacebuilding. Advocating for an idea can include a wide range of subjects as broad as social justice. For example, someone can engage in environmental advocacy, which can include writing letters to the editor, contacting political representatives, organizing community meetings, distributing public education materials, participating in a public protest, or other means to communicate one's views for the purpose of policy and social change. An example of advocacy on behalf of a person includes international campaigns to release Aung San Suu Kyi, the democratically elected leader of Burma/Myanmar, from house arrest.

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