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aerial  adjective      (aviyriy) אֲוִירִי 

aerial  noun      (an'tenah) אַנְטֶנָה , (m'shoshah) מְשׁוֹשָׁה 

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adjective    (aviyriy) אֲוִירִי 
noun    (m'shoshah) מְשׁוֹשָׁה (antenah) אַנטֶנָה 
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(ת') אווירי
(ש"ע) משושה (אנטנה)

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Aerial can mean:
  • Aerial apparatus for firefighting and rescue.
  • Half angel, half demon (celestial being)
  • Antenna (radio)
  • Aerial (dance move)
  • Aerial cartwheel, a gymnastics/martial arts move
  • Aerials skiing, a discipline of freestyle skiing
  • Aerial (album), an album by Kate Bush
  • Aerial (band), a short-lived Canadian band of the late 1970s
  • "Aerials" (song), a song from the album Toxicity by System of a Down
  • Aerial Wireless was a cellular phone company, purchased by VoiceStream Wireless, who was then acquired by T-Mobile
  • Silks, aerial circus arts
  • Aerials (skateboarding), a list of aerial skateboarding tricks

Antenna (radio)
An antenna is a transducer designed to transmit or receive radio waves which are a class of electromagnetic waves. In other words, antennas convert radio frequency electrical currents into electromagnetic waves and vice versa. Antennas are used in systems such as radio and television broadcasting, point-to-point radio communication, wireless LANradar, and space exploration. Antennas usually work in air or outer space, but can also be operated under water or even through soil and rock at certain frequencies for short distances.

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Wikipedia ויקיפדיה העברית-האנציקלופדיה החופשית

אנטנה (בעברית: מְשׁוֹשָׁה) היא מתמררכיב אלקטרוני המורכב ממוליכים המיועד לשדר ו/או לקלוט גלי רדיו.
  • בשידור, המוליכים מתמרים את הזרם חשמלי הנכנס לאנטנה, לקרינה אלקטרומגנטית.
  • בקליטה, זרם חשמלי נוצר במוליכים של האנטנה, בגלל שהם נמצאים בשדה אלקטרומגנטי משתנה (השראה אלקטרומגנטית).

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