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affinity  noun      (zikah) זִקָּה , (hikash'rut) הִקָּשְׁרוּת , (m'shiykhah) מְשִׁיכָה ; (yachasey) יַחֲסֵי  (kir'vah) קִרְבָה ; (dim'yon) דִּמְיוֹן , (d'miyut) דְּמִיּוּת 

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noun    (kirvah) קִרבָה (k'revut) קְרֵבוּת (ziykah) זִיקָה (af'yanut) אָפְיָנוּת (himash'khut) הִמָשְׁכוּת  ((m'shiykhah) מְשִׁיכָה )(k'miyhut) כְּמִיהוּת 
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(ש"ע) משיכה; קירבה (ניקוד: י' בחיריק); חיבה; דמיון

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Affinity may refer to:
  • Chemical affinity - the force of attraction between chemical species.
  • Biochemistry, protein-ligand binding affinity
  • Biology, cell affinity refers to how close a cell group tightly to the surrounding cells.
  • Electron affinity
  • Processor affinity 
  • Affinity (Producer/DJ), Johnoun Records for Broke and Hardcore Beats Recordings.
  • Affinity (BMJ), a publishing partnership programme of the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd for independent journals
  • Affinity (band), A Jazz/Rock band active in the late 60s and early 70s.
  • Affinity (law), kinship by marriage
  • Affinity (canon law), a relationship arising from the sexual intercourse of a man and a woman
  • Affinity (sociology)
  • Affinity laws, in hydraulics, used to express the relationship between variables involved in pump performance
  • Affinity (Christian organisation), formerly known as the British Evangelical Council
  • Affinity (Fire Emblem), the numerous bonuses units have from sharing support conversations with one another.
  • Affinity (Stargate SG-1), a season 8 episode of Stargate SG-1.
  • Affinity group - small protest or activist groups of 10-30 people
  • Affinity Math - A percentage leaning favorable of 1 set of values over another set pertaining to the same item in the set.
  • Affinity, novel by Sarah Waters

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