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agglomerate  verb      (tzavar) צָבַר , (gibev) גִּבֵּב , (aram) עָרַם ; (hitz'taber) הִצְטַבֵּר , (gubav) גֻּבַּב , (ne'eram) נֶעֱרַם 

agglomerate  adjective      (tzavur) צָבוּר , (m'gubav) מְגֻבָּב 

agglomerate  noun      גּוּשׁ, צֹבֶר, עֲרֵמָה

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noun    (mitzbar) מִצבָּר  (2)
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(ת') מגובב, גושי, צבור
(verb) לצבור; להצטבר

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Agglomerates (from the Latin 'agglomerare' meaning 'to form into a ball') are coarse accumulations of large blocks of volcanic material that contain at least 75% bombs. Volcanic bombs differ from volcanic blocks in that their shape records fluidal surfaces: they may, for example, have ropy, cauliform, scoriaceous, or folded, chilled margins and spindle, spatter, ribbon, ragged, or amoeboid shapes. Globular masses of lava may have been shot from the crater at a time when partly molten lava was exposed, and was frequently shattered by sudden outbursts of steam. These bombs were viscous at the moment of ejection and by rotation in the air acquired their shape. They are commonly one or two feet in diameter, but specimens as large as twelve feet have been observed. There is less variety in their composition at any one volcanic centre than in the case of the lithic blocks, and their composition indicates the the type of magma being erupted.

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