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להתנקש בחייו
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assassinate  verb      (ratzach) רָצַח , (hit'nakesh) הִתְנַקֵּשׁ 

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attempt to murder, assassinatehitnaqqesh (b-)
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(verb) לרצוח, להתנקש

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AssassiNation is the sixth album by Krisiun, released in 2006 on Century Media. It is dedicated in memory of Doc and Dimebag Darrell.

Assassination is the murder of an individual; usually a political or famous figure. An added distinction between assassination and other forms of killing is that an assassin usually has an ideological or political motivation, though many assassins (especially those who are not part of an organised movement) also show elements of insanity. Other motivations may be money (as in the case of a contract killing), revenge, or as a military operation.

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רצח פוליטי

רצח פוליטי הוא רצח של אדם על שום דעותיו או פעילותו האידאולוגית או הפוליטית.

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