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Frequency of Use of "ישראל" : SUPER High *  1,956.22
*approx. occurrences per million printed words :: Mean=2.11 STDEV=57.89
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יִשְׂרָאֵל   Israel ; (biblical) Kingdom of Israel

יִשְׂרָאֵל   Jewish People, Jewry ; (rabbinic) Jew, Jewish person ; (Jewish law) layman (not Cohen or Levite)

יִשְׂרָאֵל   Israel, Yisrael (Hebrew name)

doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation

yis'rael   Israel ; (biblical) Kingdom of Israel

yis'rael   Jewish People, Jewry ; (rabbinic) Jew, Jewish person ; (Jewish law) layman (not Cohen or Levite)

yis'rael   Israel, Yisrael (Hebrew name)

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noun Israel, Zion, country in southwestern Asia at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea; people of Israel, Jewish people; name given to Jacob after he wrestled with the angel (Biblical)

Hebrew Thesaurus
(ש"ע) מדינה במזרח התיכון, שם משפחה, שם פרטי (לזכר)

מילון אבן ספיר
ע''ע יעקב. (תע''ס חלק ט''ו).

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Israel (, Yisra'el), officially the State of Israel (Hebrew: , Medinat Yisra'el; , Dawlat Isrā'īl), is a country in Southwest Asia located on the southeastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Lebanon in the north, Syria and Jordan in the east, and Egypt on the southwest, and contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. The West Bank and Gaza Strip, which are partially administrated by the Palestinian National Authority, are also adjacent. With a population of about 7.2 million, the majority of whom are Jews, Israel is the world's only Jewish state. It is also home to Arab MuslimsChristians and Druze, as well as other religious and ethnic minority groups Jerusalem is the nation's capital, seat of government, and largest city.

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מדינת ישראלערבית: دولة إسرائيلתעתיק: דַ‏וְלַת‏ אִסְרַאאִיל) היא דמוקרטיה פרלמנטרית הנמצאת במזרח התיכון, לחוף הים התיכון ומוגדרת כמדינה יהודית ודמוקרטית. רוב תושבי המדינה הם יהודים, אך יש בה מיעוט גדול של ערבים (מרביתם מוסלמים), וקבוצות מיעוט אחרות.

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