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abduct  verb      (chataf) חָטַף  (מישהו)

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(verb) לחטוף (אדם); להרחיק מקו-האמצע של הגוף (אנטומיה)

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Abduction may refer to:
  • Kidnapping, as a near synonym in criminal law, but sometimes used particularly in cases involving a woman or child
  • Abduction (physiology), a type of movement involving a change in organ or limb position
  • Abductive reasoning, a method of reasoning in logic
  • Child abduction, the abduction or kidnapping of a young child (or baby) by an older person
  • Abduction phenomenon ("alien abduction"), an umbrella term used to describe a number of hypotheses, claims or assertions stating that extraterrestrial creatures kidnap individuals
  • North Korean abductions of Japanese or North Korean abductions of South Koreans, a policy of abduction during the 1970s and 1980s pursued by the North Korean government
  • , a 2005 American documentary film
  • Abduction (novel), a 2000 novel by novelist Robin Cook
  • Abduction (demoparty), a demoparty
  • Abducted (album), an album by death metal band Hypocrisy

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