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adagio  adjective      ((muziykah) (muziykah) (muziykah) מוּזִיקָה   ) אדג'ו, (itiy) אִטִּי 

adagio  adverb      ((muziykah) (muziykah) (muziykah) מוּזִיקָה   ) (adag) (adag) אָדָג  '(o) (o) וֹ  , (l'at) לְאַט , בשלווה

adagio  noun      ((muziykah) (muziykah) (muziykah) מוּזִיקָה   ) (adag) (adag) אָדָג  '(o) (o) וֹ   (קטע מוזיקלי או מחול המבוצעים באיטיות)

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(ש"ע) אדאג'ו, פרק איטי של קטע מוסיקלי (במוסיקה)

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Adagio (from Italian ad agio, 'at ease') may refer to:
  • Adagio, in musical notation, a tempo marking indicating that the music is to be played slowly
  • A composition marked to be played adagio, e.g Adagio for Strings
  • Adagio (band), a French progressive metal band
  • Adagio (album), an album by Sweetbox
  • Adagio (Solitude Aeturnus album), an album by Solitude Aeturnus
  • Adagio (software), in software, a server program for the Gnutella2 network
  • Adagio (circus skill), a specific form of 2 person acrobalance or sports acrobatics
  • Adagio (computer music), a text-based computer language for representing musical scores
  • Adagio is also the name of an American gospel group
  • Adagio is also the name of a metal band from Brazil
  • Adagio Teas, an online gourmet tea retailer
  • Adagio City Aparthotel, Self catering apartments in Paris, Monaco, Marseille and Rome

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