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affected  adjective      (mush'pa) מֻשְׁפָּע ; (nagua) נָגוּעַ ; (m'zuyaf) מְזֻיָּף , (m'ushoeh) מְעֻשֶּׂה 

affect  verb      (hish'piya) הִשְׁפִּיעַ ; (rigesh) רִגֵּשׁ ; (he'emiyd) הֶעֱמִיד  (paniym) פָּנִים ; (takaf) תָּקַף  (בעיקר מחלה)

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adjective    (m'useh) מְעוּשֶׂה 
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(ת') נגוע; מושפע; מדומה
(verb) להשפיע; לגעת ללב, להזיז למישהו (רגשית); לתקוף (לגבי מחלה); לפעול כאילו-, להעמיד פנים; להיות בעל זיקה מסוימת לגבי-

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The term Affect generally suggests an emotion. It is used in various ways in various contexts:
  • Affect (philosophy).
  • Affect (psychology), referring to feeling or emotion.
  • Affect display (psychology) refers to apparent signs of emotion, such as facial expression, vocalization, and posture
  • Affective science, the scientific study of emotionoun
  • Any of several terms in abnormal psychology, including.
  • Blunted affect or affective flattening, a reduction in emotional reactivity.
  • Labile affect, the unstable display of emotionoun
  • Affective computing, an area of research in computer science aiming to simulate emotional processes.
  • Literary affects, the emotional experience generated in a reader by a text, such as catharsis kairosis and kenosis.
  • Affekt (the German term, which is often used in this context) in musical and other aesthetic theory. (The article currently redirects to Doctrine of the affections.)
  • Doctrine of the affections, an important theory in musical aesthetics.

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