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alarm  noun      אַזְעָקָה; מתקן אזעקה; דְּאָגָה, חֲרָדָה

alarm  verb      הִזְעִיק; הִדְאִיג, הִבְהִיל, הִפְחִיד

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alarm  noun      az'akah; mtkn zkh; d'agah, charadah

alarm  verb      hiz'iyk; hid'iyg, hiv'hiyl, hif'chiyd

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(ש"ע) אזעקה; מתקן אזעקה; דאגה; חרדה
(verb) להפחיד; להחריד

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ALARM (Air Launched Anti-Radiation Missile) is a British anti-radiation missile designed primarily to destroy enemy radars for the purpose of Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD). It is used by the RAF and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

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An alarm (French: À l'arme - "To the arms") gives an audible or visual warning of a problem or conditionoun :)

Alarms include:

  • burglar alarms, designed to warn of intrusions; this is often a silent alarm: the police or guards are warned without indication to the burglar, which increases the chances of catching him or her.
  • alarm clocks can produce an alarm at a given time
  • Distributed control manufacturing systems or DCSs, found in nuclear power plantsrefineries and chemical facilities also generate alarms to direct the operator's attention to an important event that he or she needs to address.
  • Alarms in an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Monitoring system, which informs the bad working state of (a particular part of the) system under monitoring.
  • safety alarms, which go off if a dangerous condition occurs. Common public safety alarms include:
    • tornado sirens
    • fire alarms
    • car alarms
    • Community Alarm or Autodialer alarm (medical alarms)
    • air raid sirens
    • tocsins — an historical method of raising an alarm

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